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  1. Matthew Davidson mjd

    I keep telling myself that I could write a beautiful essay without the time, word, and topic limits imposed. Then my interior voice (which sounds just like Jeremy Hardy) says "Yeah, but you wouldn't, would you?" #

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  2. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Most painful essay ever. I'm going to drink to forget now. Possibly for two or three days. #

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  3. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Today in higher education, this happened: # #

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  4. Matthew Davidson mjd

    This has saved me a lot of typing: #

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  5. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Ugh. Both my units for this term at # are taught by the same person, asking us to critically think, critically engage, critically reflect, & critically self-reflect. Scared to look at the reading list; with all this criticality flying about, there's bound to be some #

    about 2 months ago from web
  6. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Going AWOL today. Mental health day. Nearly end of term, and if anybody asks me to do something perfectly reasonable, but to do it "critically", I'm likely to go postal. #

    about 3 months ago from web
  7. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Have chosen the topic of stress for a silly # assignment. So I keep seeing Chris Morris in lycra at regular intervals through the day. #

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  8. Matthew Davidson mjd

    @tregeagle It's a potemkin # All the staff are casuals, all the course material was produced by people long gone, or dead, or worse - still tenuously employed. Don't look behind the "student experience" curtain, there's nothing there. #

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  9. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Thank you #, for your informative markup. I kid you not: '<table title="This is a table showing the attributes of a collection of items.">' # #

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  10. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Re-read the essay I submitted last week, and it still makes sense. So pleased with it I might post a director's cut on my blog. Mind you, I always say that. #

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  11. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Due at 5pm; submitted at 4:59 and 45 seconds. #

    about 4 months ago from web
  12. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Oh, good grief. # is the only student (so far) at her lecture. The new (privately-operated) # # may be worse than #

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  13. Matthew Davidson mjd

    #'s first lecture (at a different #) is this evening, at the same time as one of mine. Now to test if two instances of # Collaborate can run off a single retail # connection.

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  14. Matthew Davidson mjd

    This evening's # Collaborate lecture is over. It's so unnervingly jarring to try shouting into the void of the world's most lag-tastic VoIP app; a conference call that can't handle more than one open mic at a time. Bring back tin cans and string! #

    about 5 months ago from web
  15. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Was going to have an early night, but after another bout of the # "student experience", I had to go to the off-license for some calm down juice. #

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  16. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Blimey. A new post on # says "I look forward to reading your contributions", from a member of # academic staff who died last year. The ultimate in contingent labour. #

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  17. Matthew Davidson mjd

    It's taken me over two years to realise that # payments are an open-ended license to read a lot and write a lot. Any actual qualifications I might earn are just superfluous gold stars for effort. #

    about 7 months ago from web
  18. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Any article the title or subtitle of which begins with the word "towards" is not worth reading. # #

    about 7 months ago from web
  19. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Summer repeat of Richard Hil on his latest book "Selling Students Short": #

    about 8 months ago from web
  20. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Have to finish essay today, as kids next door play a particularly lively game of "who can scream loudest?" #

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