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  1. Bob Jonkman bobjonkman

    ♻ @RadioWaterloo We have moved frequencies!! # can now tune in on ***102.7FM*** + we are still online at # ¶ via # !WRAwesome

    about 13 days ago from
  2. Bob Jonkman bobjonkman

    ♻ @phranqueigh Pi Day is just a fake holiday created by math companies to sell more math. ¶ via @MylesB on # !math

    about 14 days ago from
  3. Bob Jonkman bobjonkman

    ♻ KW Non-Profit SysAdm @kwnpsa: On Monday, 13 Mar at 7pm join us for a practical discussion on Branding - *We* are re-branding! # !SysAdmin ¶ via # !WRAwesome

    about 18 days ago from
  4. steckerhalter steckerhalter

    If people would stop calling !gnusocial a # clone or portray it as such, then it would probably get better.

    Don't market it as a "federated Twitter", but as an interesting and refreshing social platform... something along these lines

    about 2 months ago from
  5. roland roland

    @bob i guess mire that most will go to # or # and maybe some will come to us. Most people are on such # # # (it is no real network as !gnusocial, # and # are) so people from # will likely follow them.

    about 6 months ago from in context
  6. strypey strypey

    @maxmustermann sorry, my instance limits me to 140 char like #

    about 6 months ago from
  7. takeshitakenji takeshitakenji

    @nbd @maiyannah It's basically the # bot problem migrating to !gnusocial.

    about 10 months ago from
  8. moshpirit moshpirit

    I'm viewing some photos of @makitadoge and I think I'm falling in love.

    OMG, I've just seen he's just followed me and I'm imaging him following me like in the countryside.

    This is one of those things why !gnusocial >>>>>>>>>>>> # 

    about a year ago from
  9. futt futt

    First attempt at an install-guide; for those who want to run their own !gnusocial node on Debian/Ubuntu-based !linux distributions with Nginx + !letsencrypt SSL, # bridge. Comments/corrections welcome.

    about a year ago from
  10. moshpirit moshpirit

    @perro @drymer @alejandroindependiente in this queet we are highlighted :) About RSS: I don't know how to but you can ask !gnusocial. Here's some information about it: - valid for a server who has already enabled the #

    about a year ago from
  11. ssweeny ssweeny

    Interesting to see how the !gnusocial network is handling all those # expats. Encouraging that so many admins are taking harassment and hate speech seriously.

    about a year ago from at 40°26'26"N 79°59'45"W
  12. attila attila

    @drymer Of course many of the links I follow from !gnusocial look fine in w3m. Same not true of # #

    about a year ago from
  13. andreicristianpetcu andreicristianpetcu

    @drymera proprietary web service that turns rss into twitter/facebook posts. I want to mirror my !gnusocial feed to # and I tried but it kind of sucks

    about a year ago from
  14. andreicristianpetcu andreicristianpetcu

    what # instances have the # bridge? !gnusocial? I'm trying out # and it adds my username in all the posts and it seems a little redundant

    about a year ago from
  15. betafive betafive

    idea: petition the ftc to compel # to federate with !gnusocial. their closed platform and opaque practices obviously constitute anticompetitve conduct.

    about a year ago from in context
  16. takeshitakenji takeshitakenji

    New comment by takeshitakenji

    about a year ago from in context
  17. andreicristianpetcu andreicristianpetcu

    @fsf howdo you bridge between !gnusocial and #? #

    about a year ago from
  18. bobjonkman2 bobjonkman2

    I find !GNUsocial successful because it works for me. Having tech-oriented conversations actually makes GNUsocial more successful for me than # -- compare the hashtag # on the two services and see the difference. And there are plenty of non-tech t

    about a year ago from in context
  19. bobjonkman2 bobjonkman2

    As long as they set up their own instances I welcome all 300 million users of # to !GNUsocial

    about a year ago from
  20. bobjonkman2 bobjonkman2

    As long as they set up their own instances I welcome all 300 million users of # to !GNUsocial

    about a year ago from in context

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