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  1. Matthew Davidson mjd

    @pvs Just remembered, you must watch this series if you haven't already: Not a thing happens that doesn't propel the plot or reveal character, as # might say. The pace is deceptively leisurely.

    about 8 months ago from web in context
  2. Matthew Davidson mjd

    I'm sure # would agree, 3-5 camera recording, as near as dammit to live, directing from the gallery, is a craft that shouldn't be lost. #

    about 9 months ago from web
  3. Matthew Davidson mjd

    # in the news.

    Monday, 15-Jun-15 11:40:33 AEST from web in context
  4. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Damn. # has another acting/directing course scheduled, just as we unexpectedly lose the majority of our income.

    Sunday, 15-Feb-15 16:24:49 AEDT from web in context
  5. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Just spent a genial couple of hours doing tech support for # Nice to get out of the house.

    Sunday, 31-Aug-14 14:24:53 AEST from web in context
  6. Matthew Davidson mjd

    @pvs This should be in #'s book as an illustration of what a foley artist does:

    Tuesday, 24-Jun-14 22:33:00 AEST from web
  7. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Something to bring back memories for #, Final Cut Pro, 1960s edition:

    Thursday, 26-Sep-13 07:40:37 AEST from web at 30°17'24"S 153°5'49"E
  8. Matthew Davidson mjd

    "Brechtian alienation is a euphemism for audience’s backs seen disappearing down a street." # Dick Lester. # should use that in his book.

    Monday, 31-Dec-12 17:07:46 AEDT from web at 30°17'46"S 153°6'56"E in context
  9. Matthew Davidson mjd

    @tregeagle Of course, # would be a terrific candidate as well.

    Monday, 17-Dec-12 19:07:14 AEDT from web at 30°17'46"S 153°6'56"E
  10. Matthew Davidson mjd

    @tregeagle Probably. We'll be famous coffee shop patrons, if not actors. Cancel the # skyhooks.

    Saturday, 28-Jul-12 16:25:54 AEST from web at 27°35'9"S 153°18'25"E in context
  11. Matthew Davidson mjd

    #'s latest: Watch for supporting artists #, @mjd, @tregeagle. @pvs, @cdbragg technical support.

    Sunday, 13-May-12 12:51:28 AEST from web at 33°52'8"S 151°12'25"E
  12. Peter pvs

    @mjd did # !writers decide to meet today after last week?

    Monday, 27-Feb-12 14:33:07 AEDT from web in context
  13. Matthew Davidson mjd

    @pvs Still go for # -less # meet this PM?

    Monday, 20-Feb-12 10:58:31 AEDT from web at 30°17'46"S 153°6'56"E in context
  14. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Venue for #'s writing course starting Mon has switched to Almatech. Like a Twilight Zone ep where I'm doomed to never leave my office.

    Friday, 03-Feb-12 07:53:45 AEDT from web
  15. Peter pvs

    @mjd yes that one has been banished to the "Here's what you did wrong" jar, # likes to open that jar occasionally

    Thursday, 20-Oct-11 19:11:43 AEDT from web in context
  16. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Bit of trivia from #'s #: Sugar glass is an Australian invention.

    Tuesday, 06-Sep-11 10:05:44 AEST from web at 30°17'46"S 153°6'56"E in context
  17. Peter pvs

    @mjd hey, hey, things are looking up. I wonder if # would buy into this

    Wednesday, 24-Aug-11 22:27:59 AEST from web in context
  18. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Alert #; from today I am a professional actor and hobbyist web developer. Can't do any worse…

    Friday, 22-Jul-11 16:40:06 AEST from web at 30°17'46"S 153°6'56"E in context
  19. Matthew Davidson mjd

    BTW, I think # would appreciate the review of sexy-new-abc-lawyer-show. TL;DR precis: Meh.

    Thursday, 21-Jul-11 00:52:39 AEST from web at 30°17'46"S 153°6'56"E in context
  20. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Thanks to @pvs & # for the unexpected wisdom-sharing today & yesterday. Deprecated: mysql_escape_string(): This function is deprecated; use mysql_real_escape_string() instead. in /var/www/statusnet-0.9.9/lib/popularity.php on line 61

    Thursday, 07-Jul-11 17:32:46 AEST from web in context