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  1. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Unfortunate conjunction: an advertisement spruiking the prestige value of broadcast # ads, followed by an ad for a reality show called Airplane Repo. Yes! Bad debts and corporate jets! I need to connect with the audience that finds this subject matter fascinating.

    about 4 months ago from web
  2. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Damn. There's too much good # This is destroying the value of bad TV.

    about 5 months ago from web
  3. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Gah! Stop ruining the few non-awful bits of my childhood, #!

    about 6 months ago from web
  4. Matthew Davidson mjd

    @strypey An Aussie with a # accent because my only childhood companion was # #

    about 6 months ago from web in context
  5. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Exercising my nostalgia muscles this evening: # cook (not "chef") Keith Floyd. Here he is with an insanely young Rick Stein.

    about 7 months ago from web
  6. Matthew Davidson mjd

    I don't see the humour in shallow people, with implausibly huge apartments despite apparently not having to work for a living, relentlessly insulting each other for half an hour. So I was unprepared for the success of the Big Bang Theory. #

    about 9 months ago from web in context
  7. Matthew Davidson mjd

    # free-to-air # update: They've started Friends from the beginning, again, without even a short Seinfeld break. I don't know if they got to the end or just thought people prefer the early, less unfunny ones.

    about 9 months ago from web in context
  8. Matthew Davidson mjd

    The only people to experience the level of joy promised by # advertising, from nothing more than riding in a car, are dogs.

    about a year ago from web
  9. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Wow. Affable # nerd David Rees is the same David Rees that produced the profanity-rich webcomic 'Get Your War On' during the dark days of the Coalition of the Willing War On Random Foreign Pre-Corpses. Glad those days are over.

    about a year ago from web
  10. Matthew Davidson mjd

    The Bunyip Tories are broadcasting the first of their election campaign # ads. Evidently the PM's motorcade made it across the barren moonscape of # all the way to the G-G. Phew! I was on the edge of my seat. # #

    about a year ago from web in context
  11. Matthew Davidson mjd

    # The PM is off to the see the Governor General about an election, and the # news is following his car in a helicopter, as though we couldn't understand the process without accompanying illustrations. # #

    about a year ago from web in context
  12. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Do you often experience pain after your evening meal? Taking an axe to your # targets this pain at its source. Ask your doctor if smashing your telly into little bits is right for you.

    about a year ago from web
  13. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Competitive cooking show participants advised by celeb chef to "cook with your heart". Respond "No thanks, I'm using that. How about brains?" #

    about a year ago from web
  14. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Leaving # and the in-laws to enjoy #'s Greatest Hits, or Australia's Got Talent. Has a judge ever said "You do know nobody really sings like that?" Still, full marks for bravely imitating something that sounds like randomly slowing or speeding a spool of tape. #

    about a year ago from web
  15. Matthew Davidson mjd

    All of # seems to be stupid people talking direct to camera. In my day we had these things called "shows". You can still get them on #, but you didn't hear that from me.

    about a year ago from web
  16. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Oh, right. I get it now. Reality # is time spent with people you don't like, while they perform unpleasant, unproductive, totally meaningless tasks. It's a substitute for employment.

    about a year ago from web
  17. Matthew Davidson mjd

    "This is real. This is not # We need a president that's gonna talk about it." #

    about a year ago from web
  18. Matthew Davidson mjd

    I had no idea Geoffrey Perkins had died. No wonder # hasn't been as funny lately.

    about a year ago from web
  19. Matthew Davidson mjd

    "# is a life choice, not a ‘favourite # show’" # Paul Cornell

    about a year ago from web
  20. Matthew Davidson mjd

    There are "ongoing rights issues" to a 52 year old piece of #? Thank heavens for people who rescue these cultural artifacts from the # pirates and share them. #

    about a year ago from web