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  1. strypey strypey

    !listening to 'Shell Shock Shake' by Ozzed, a fun 8-bit style tune  # # # # #

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  2. ioerror ioerror

    ♻#UK & #: Which # bodies do you abide by? Human rights are universal, not optional. .@JesselynRadack on @RT_com #

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  3. Erkan Yılmaz erkanyilmaz

    Do you think the # will attack this time all active # power stations in # when the humans violate again the contract with mother nature?

    Wednesday, 26-Feb-14 08:07:54 AEDT from
  4. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Swedish police have been keeping a secret Nazi-like register of Romani. And I used to think # seemed like such a nice place to live.

    Sunday, 29-Sep-13 10:39:46 AEST from web at 30°17'24"S 153°5'49"E