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  1. strypey strypey

    @zatnosk # is a free code search engine that anyone can run on their own server. Not sure if instances can federate, or if it's planned

    about 3 months ago from
  2. strypey strypey

    If # could do both those things (!bang searches, with IP not domain name) wouldn't that be distributed DNS?

    about 3 months ago from in context
  3. strypey strypey

    A list of # instances for anyone who wants to try a libre meta-search engine

    about 3 months ago from
  4. strypey strypey

    @hobbsc what search engine(s) do you use? I find # to be pretty good, and I've had some good results from # too.

    about 6 months ago from
  5. strypey strypey

    # is pretty cool. If it supported spell check and ! searches, I'd use it all the time instead of DDG. Anyone know if it can federate?

    about 7 months ago from
  6. strypey strypey

    free code meta-search engine # has DuckDuckGo style !bangs it seems:

    about 8 months ago from
  7. kzimmermann kzimmermann

    @thomask probably wouldn't for !gnusocial because of my shitty specs, but yes, # will be public. Why would I end up missing out?

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    about a year ago from
  8. kzimmermann kzimmermann

    While I can't solve my !gnusocial hosting problems, I'll try to host a # instance instead. At least I keep practicing #

    about a year ago from
  9. cmhobbs cmhobbs

    Generally # but I've really been liking # lately and may decide to host my own instance.

    Wednesday, 13-May-15 09:04:57 AEST from