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    In # the credit goes to the man who convinces the world, not to the man to whom the idea occurs first. - Francis Darwin !q

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    "Saturn’s ice moon Enceladus revealed in unprecedented detail"|NSNS|2014-GLOBAL-twitter # # !space

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    @x11r5 oh, that's interesting! I didn't kow 'time' has parts, I thought it was a continuum #

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    and now for something different: Ig Nobel prizes have been handed out: # #

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    # in !Canada ~ !CDNpoli

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    Gravity, an elevator, bathroom scales, and a kilo of sugar: F=ma. # Deprecated: mysql_escape_string(): This function is deprecated; use mysql_real_escape_string() instead. in /var/www/statusnet-0.9.9/lib/popularity.php on line 61

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La science (latin scientia, «connaissance ») est, d'après le dictionnaire Le Robert, «Ce que l'on sait pour l'avoir appris, ce que l'on tient pour vrai au sens large. L'ensemble de connaissances, d'études d'une valeur universelle, caractérisées par un objet (domaine) et une méthode déterminés, et fondées sur des relations objectives vérifiables [sens restreint] ».