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  1. kuro kuro

    “Do not adjust your mind – there is a fault in #”. - 1968 graffiti slogan !q

    about 8 months ago from
  2. laurelrusswurm laurelrusswurm

    I’m only a pseudo geek, but it was really cool when my suggestion to my brother to “turn it off and on again” worked. # #

    Saturday, 25-Apr-15 11:34:51 AEST from
  3. kuro kuro

    # is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. - Philip K. Dick !q !secular

    Thursday, 29-Aug-13 22:42:02 AEST from
  4. Stephen marxistvegan

    @dvdmrsdn @andyc @reality ha crap I forgot about that feedback I gave hahhaha thanks guys ;) love it

    Tuesday, 19-Mar-13 09:17:28 AEDT from in context
  5. Stephen marxistvegan

    @reality #tinap #zurich

    Tuesday, 19-Mar-13 08:50:33 AEDT from
  6. Stephen marxistvegan

    @dvdmrsdn @andyc @reality i don't #howimissedthis but I am psyched to hear you all again...i can bone up on my british accents again

    Tuesday, 19-Mar-13 07:05:21 AEDT from