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  1. mk mk

    Interesting: what are Turkey's borders? probably not what you thought: # #

    about 8 months ago from
  2. kuro kuro

    It is now known, however, that men enter local # solely as a result of being unhappily married. - C. Northcote Parkinson !q

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  3. Matthew Davidson mjd

    The Bunyip Tories are broadcasting the first of their election campaign # ads. Evidently the PM's motorcade made it across the barren moonscape of # all the way to the G-G. Phew! I was on the edge of my seat. # #

    about a year ago from web in context
  4. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Turnbull should elevate the spectacle by going on horseback, like the Queen, riding sidesaddle, in a dazzling dress uniform, saluting everyone he passes. Tony Abbott would have done it that way. # #

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  5. Matthew Davidson mjd

    # The PM is off to the see the Governor General about an election, and the # news is following his car in a helicopter, as though we couldn't understand the process without accompanying illustrations. # #

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  6. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Never quite knew what Mark Latham was trying to do with "third way" # after Hawke/Keating. "The old # was a choice between # and Thatcherism. Now we're steering a very nuanced course between those two extremes."

    Wednesday, 04-Mar-15 18:40:05 AEDT from web
  7. boneidol boneidol

    Ban this, unbreakable encryption # # #

    Friday, 16-Jan-15 10:32:27 AEDT from
  8. boneidol boneidol # # #

    Friday, 16-Jan-15 10:31:20 AEDT from
  9. boneidol boneidol

    Watch "Encryption - The low-tech way." # # # !crypto

    Friday, 16-Jan-15 00:48:41 AEDT from at 32°58'59"N 49°7'59"E
  10. Erkan Yılmaz erkanyilmaz

    no need. I was for Brazil. One good thing: now that soccer team did !not win, # is going to be rough down there, right?

    Friday, 11-Jul-14 06:34:28 AEST from
  11. Erkan Yılmaz erkanyilmaz

    "if we expect most people to engage in # difficult and complex tasks, how can we expect them to have the # and # sufficient to devote themselves intelligently to #?" (The problem of democratic citizenship) via @simsa0 cc @question

    Wednesday, 19-Feb-14 12:16:27 AEDT from in context
  12. Erkan Yılmaz erkanyilmaz

    RT @simsa0 Furthermore I guess there are 2 audiences: the one interested in actual # and the other interested in "net freedom" and other abstract, "clean" stuff. The political minded go for Manning / Assange, the # minded go for Snowden.

    Wednesday, 05-Feb-14 21:51:04 AEDT from
  13. Erkan Yılmaz erkanyilmaz

    more sections added -> I think next sections to add: #, #, #; short break #

    Tuesday, 21-Jan-14 09:18:46 AEDT from
  14. kevie kevie

    ### The # is a national # - #?! source: **NSA Sends # to Its ‘Extended’ F

    Friday, 20-Sep-13 15:58:53 AEST from
  15. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Bob Carr's vision for Labor: If we throw out the baby, look at this lovely old bathwater we can keep! #

    Thursday, 12-Apr-12 13:33:36 AEST from web
  16. ruben h tregeagle

    Tories "are more sensitive to threatening facial expressions": # #

    Saturday, 09-Apr-11 16:32:26 AEST from gwibber
  17. Dee dee

    If Australia has a hung parliament, one of the major parties will have to woo 3 rural/regional conservatives (including

    Sunday, 22-Aug-10 09:56:35 AEST from in context
  18. Dee dee

    Quote of the night: a Liberal politician to Paul Howes, National Secretary of the Australian Workers Union (behind the

    Saturday, 21-Aug-10 21:21:15 AEST from in context
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    Off to watch the election results on telly; it's quite suspenseful viewing this time. Plus I'm in love with the way Ste

Saturday, 21-Aug-10 19:27:33 AEST from in context