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  1. Matthew Davidson mjd

    @kat Ooh, I couldn't go back to # I wrote so much garbage code that some poor sod then had to maintain, because # Fortunately .NET came along and suddenly # didn't seem so shameful after all.

    about 8 months ago from web in context
  2. mikegerwitz mikegerwitz

    Update to my previous question about hanging my !gnusocial instance: it looks like last time I strace'd the processes, it was moments too late. Now I see that the processes are waiting on a file lock of my PHP session. This reminds me of an ancient # ses

    Monday, 11-Jan-16 16:02:57 AEDT from in context
  3. roland roland

    Just let the # daemon not run for !gnusocial for a few days and you have +6000 items in # :-)

    Thursday, 05-Nov-15 22:16:59 AEDT from
  4. mk mk

    I've looked at a lot, but I've now ended up with three new editors/IDEs installed: 1) KDevelop (pretty powerful but also feels complicated), 2) Brackets (in principle for only HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but plugins add a lot of support for PHP), 3) Aptana Stud

    Wednesday, 10-Jun-15 20:17:15 AEST from
  5. lnxw48 lnxw48

    @teslasmoustache @vinzv Something to be aware of. Newest !gnusocial code is written for # version 5.5 or greater. So # (because it is based on # #) with default software packages might not work correctly.

    Wednesday, 10-Jun-15 14:45:51 AEST from
  6. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Also the Great # Stagnation was due more to crappy shared hosting providers failure to upgrade than lack of competition. # was quicker to drop legacy PHP4 support than #, IIRC.

    Saturday, 14-Mar-15 20:02:08 AEDT from web in context
  7. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Nice to see jdub blogging again, but I must observe # is complaint-proof. If your site is so popular that adding RAM or page caching won't fix it, fine, rebuild in C++ or node.js. Until then, as a wise man said, "developers, developers, developers".

    Saturday, 14-Mar-15 19:56:53 AEDT from web in context
  8. lnxw48 lnxw48

    @manuel @david I think # would be better if unspecified assumptions were discovered and specified. One of the best ways to do that is for someone to reimplement it (not necessarily as part of the GS projec

    Saturday, 07-Mar-15 14:27:05 AEDT from in context
  9. manuel manuel

    @lnxw48 @zoowar I think deployment issues are really important, better do not ignore them. How do you think a parallel rewrite could benefit the project in the long run? Why not continue using # ? !gnusocial !gs

    Saturday, 07-Mar-15 11:46:39 AEDT from in context
  10. lnxw48 lnxw48

    @zoowar @roland I can see where a parallel rewrite (in # / #? # / #? # / #? # / #?) could possibly benefit the project in the long run (ignoring deployment issues with all

    Saturday, 07-Mar-15 11:35:39 AEDT from in context
  11. lnxw48 lnxw48

    @roland ISTM that most other projects are using PDO or ADODB classes for database access these days. #

    Saturday, 07-Mar-15 11:31:41 AEDT from in context
  12. manuel manuel

    Librería en # para publicar feeds en nodos # !gs !gnusocial !fediverse !nodosibericos !programistoj

    Thursday, 19-Feb-15 11:24:51 AEDT from
  13. david david

    @juanjopina, vamos a ir pensando, ya hoy, en cómo crear ese # estilo # para !gnusocial que creo que nos va a hacer avanzar mucho en el nuevo # y nos va a permitir irle dando concreción

    Tuesday, 17-Feb-15 22:43:01 AEDT from
  14. erkan erkan

    help @cadetesdelespacio: what are !gs users using to feed # feeds into their timeline. requirement: "but i need some #/html5 script, i don't have any VPS with GNU Linux atm for run the .SH :-)" "I'm looking for so

    Saturday, 31-Jan-15 22:23:37 AEDT from
  15. mmn mmn

    Woop! @aqeel is now !selfhost'ed. Apparently # requires you to manually enable # and # extensions for # But after that, !gnusocial worked like a charm.

    Thursday, 20-Nov-14 00:56:13 AEDT from at 63°49'42"N 20°15'34"E
  16. lnxw48 lnxw48

    @kris We definitely need to improve the set-up process for !gnusocial. It should be almost as easy as setting up a # blog: Create database, turn on # and #, place files in the web root, point

    Saturday, 15-Nov-14 04:37:23 AEDT from in context
  17. kromonos kromonos

    Wer sich jetzt fragt, warum ich Zeit habe, um Plugins für !gnusocial entwickeln, aber keine, um an !mustardmod weiter zu machen, hier eine kurze Erklärung: Im gegensatz zu # beherrsche ich # im Schlaf und das, was

    Monday, 13-Oct-14 21:08:58 AEDT from
  18. lnxw48 lnxw48

    No idea whether GS uses #‘s specific # I do know that # itself does support using #

    Friday, 22-Aug-14 07:57:20 AEST from in context
  19. lnxw48 lnxw48

    @chris Oh, # I’ve had lots of trouble installing things on #‘s DH account. I suspect it is their setup of # and their # configuration.

    Sunday, 17-Aug-14 17:35:34 AEST from in context
  20. lnxw48 lnxw48

    @mcscx Or perhaps some # extensions missing (it could even be a process that kills user processes that appear to be consuming resources [RAM, database reads / writes, disk writes, CPU]). If he’s on shared host Deprecated: mysql_escape_string(): This function is deprecated; use mysql_real_escape_string() instead. in /var/www/statusnet-0.9.9/lib/popularity.php on line 61

    Tuesday, 05-Aug-14 10:49:54 AEST from in context

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