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  1. strypey strypey

    @bob that seems odd. Isn't it a fork of # rather than a new codebase? Which version of # did you use?

    about 2 months ago from
  2. mmn mmn

    @weerosie The extremely, charmingly, buggy service (which federates with all of !GNUsocial) Otherwise an # or # instance is great for uploading, archiving and storing, then you can either link to or embed from those places

    about a year ago from at 63°49'42"N 20°15'34"E in context
  3. manuel manuel

    @gustavo Lo que podrías intentar es algo como lo que existe para el servidor de xmpp prosody, replicar la tabla de usuarios de !gnusocial en la tabla de usuarios de #

    Pero eso, hay que crearlo de cero porque no existe 

    about a year ago from
  4. postblue postblue

    @mmn @pztrn Maybe !gnusocial could benefit from what's done for # Like, a # cache!

    about a year ago from
  5. cmhobbs cmhobbs

    The lawyers just popped in and asked if I knew about "the cloud". Glad they did before deciding to jump on board with a SaSS provider. I recommended #

    Friday, 11-Sep-15 03:46:09 AEST from
  6. majestyx majestyx

    !owncloud !fediverse !gnusocial - # 8.1 # # **jep** # # rocks! :-)

    Thursday, 23-Jul-15 04:23:04 AEST from
  7. boneidol boneidol

    So nice the way # sync between phone+laptop. Contacts, tasks, calendar :-)

    Thursday, 30-Oct-14 18:56:18 AEDT from at 32°58'59"N 49°7'59"E
  8. mk mk

    OK, I can understand that some Android apps cost money, but - seriously? €8.50 ??? # #

    Thursday, 18-Sep-14 16:50:41 AEST from in context
  9. mk mk

    got distracted by finding howtos for # (in #) and links to # apps - just browsing & bookmarking for now, but useful!

    Thursday, 18-Sep-14 16:02:28 AEST from
  10. Peter Anderson panda

    Bought my first Android #: CalDAV-Sync For syncing my # calendar with my phone.

    Tuesday, 16-Oct-12 20:35:38 AEDT from
  11. bwpanda bwpanda

    @bwpanda Finding myself trying to think of a reason to use it just so I can try it out... #

    Saturday, 10-Dec-11 23:09:20 AEDT from in context
  12. bwpanda bwpanda

    It seems # is to cloud storage/computing as # is to microblogging: Nice!

    Saturday, 10-Dec-11 20:31:56 AEDT from in context
  13. Matija Šuklje hook

    Can I expect !Seeks, !ownCloud, !GnuSocial, # or even !FreedomBox on the !Cherokee Market someday (soon)?

    Sunday, 27-Feb-11 05:07:45 AEDT from at 46°3'19"N 14°30'51"E
  14. Matija Šuklje hook

    ♻ @bblfish: The secure distributed # explained in one great comic → !FreedomBox !FSFE !ownCloud !Seeks

    Friday, 25-Feb-11 22:14:22 AEDT from at 46°3'19"N 14°30'51"E
  15. Matija Šuklje hook

    Collaborately editing 7 !freedombox goals: → !ownCloud !GNUsocial !LibreFM !FSFE

    Monday, 21-Feb-11 05:51:28 AEDT from at 46°3'19"N 14°30'51"E

ownCloud gives you the freedom to control your own data on the internet