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  1. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Objectively, so far # is still worse: effectively pardoning war criminals and the GFC banksters; deporting more immigrants, imprisoning more whistleblowers than any other PotUS, but still…

    about 3 months ago from web in context
  2. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Rare (and provisional) good news from the # Never mind #; under # we regressed back to attack dogs and fire hoses used against civil disobedience.

    about 6 months ago from web
  3. Matthew Davidson mjd

    A couple of weeks ago it was pepper spray and attack dogs. Now tear gas, rubber bullets and fire hoses. Bull Connor lives. #'s benign hopey-changey # at its best.

    about 6 months ago from web
  4. Matthew Davidson mjd

    "If there is one double plus good side to Melania #'s wholesale plagiarizing of Michelle #'s 2008 convention speech, it is that it reveals the utter vacuity of the original"

    about 7 months ago from web
  5. Matthew Davidson mjd

    @luke & # who said she's the most qualified candidate in history. Given his understanding of the job requirements involves effectively pardoning war/corporate criminals, unprecedented imprisoning of whistleblowers and deporting of immigrants, not closing #

    about 8 months ago from web in context
  6. Matthew Davidson mjd

    "It's not 'challenging political correctness' to not know what you're talking about." # #

    about 9 months ago from web
  7. Matthew Davidson mjd

    # publicly eschews torture. Possibly waterboarded into it. # and # staying the war crimes course. #

    about a year ago from web
  8. Matthew Davidson mjd

    I can't believe that anybody volunteers to be identified as "a former chief economist to Vice President Biden", the man whose sole job it was to stand behind, and slightly to one side, of # for 8 years.

    about a year ago from web
  9. Matthew Davidson mjd

    # a strong advocate for securishness:

    about a year ago from web
  10. Matthew Davidson mjd

    "We can do better in terms of keeping our people safe while making sure that we are consistent with our values." Better than very, very, very bad indeed. Keep aiming high, Barry. # #

    Wednesday, 28-Oct-15 17:25:11 AEDT from web
  11. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Biden? Sorry, no # is the perfect veep for #, not for the mute sour face positioned behind and off to one side of # for seven years.

    Sunday, 13-Sep-15 23:46:17 AEST from web
  12. Matthew Davidson mjd

    I can't see how #'s legacy will be viewed favourably overall. How many people recall crowds chanting "Hey! Hey! LBJ! Your domestic policy is really quite progressive!"?

    Wednesday, 22-Jul-15 19:09:20 AEST from web
  13. Matthew Davidson mjd

    In moments of weakness, I think # Warren is going to change the world, in the way that those poor naive # supporters thought the same of him. None of us is immune from irrationality.

    Wednesday, 14-Jan-15 18:41:46 AEDT from web in context
  14. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Reluctant my arse. #

    Monday, 06-Oct-14 20:04:59 AEDT from web
  15. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Proof that # will be running in 2016, and that like # she will conclude after 5 minutes in the job that she can't do anything, and leave the office on autopilot. #

    Thursday, 04-Sep-14 20:27:11 AEST from web
  16. Matthew Davidson mjd

    "If I had a son, he sure as hell wouldn't be living in Missouri. So let us not look backwards at who shot who how many times, but look forward to a time when this incident, and countless others, are forgotten." #

    Tuesday, 19-Aug-14 18:22:22 AEST from web
  17. Erkan Yılmaz erkanyilmaz

    if you know how tall # is you can derive her size:,_Barack_Obama,_%26_Shakira_(2009-02-02).jpg

    Thursday, 27-Mar-14 21:35:38 AEDT from
  18. Matthew Davidson mjd

    "Turns out I'm really good at killing people. Didn't know that was gonna be a strong suit of mine." # #

    Saturday, 15-Feb-14 09:11:29 AEDT from web
  19. Matthew Davidson mjd

    # finally appoints someone who isn't corrupt, deranged, or both. Maybe his attention was diverted.

    Sunday, 17-Nov-13 17:16:52 AEDT from web
  20. Matthew Davidson mjd

    If only in 2008 # had gone on to elaborate that the change we can believe in is the superficial, meaningless kind.

    Sunday, 29-Sep-13 19:41:08 AEST from web at 30°17'24"S 153°5'49"E

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