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  1. strypey strypey

    @cdllm @cdllm #, #, #, # and others are currently competing to be the successor to #

    about a month ago from in context
  2. clacke clacke

    @meaningness The Slack alternative is # ( ), specifically, . It federates, and there are bridges to other services, for example I participate on # through it. @lambadalambda offers an independent # i

    about 2 months ago from
  3. clacke clacke

    @kzimmermann @jk I actually thought # was what @reality was talking about, before I expanded the whole conversation.

    about 2 months ago from
  4. clacke clacke

    @xj9 Ok. :-)

    Anyway, now I know. Next time I see a project that uses a # channel I will know how to join while staying in the warm comfort of # :-)

    about 2 months ago from
  5. clacke clacke

    @lnxw48a1 @stitchxd Yeah, # and # don't really have the same use cases, but as @xj9 says: They could be bridged. OStatus is built around the idea of publishing public streams of posts from users, and other users following those streams. # i

    about 2 months ago from
  6. clacke clacke

    @xj9 Ok! Where did you find the documentation on where to find # rooms on #? I looked around, but only saw the software mentioned, not any running service.

    about 2 months ago from
  7. clacke clacke

    @ross Cool. Looked over the # blog and it looked like it's not a fully-automatic bridge for arbitrary gitter rooms yet, each gitter room owner will have to run a hard-coded bridge.

    about 2 months ago from
  8. majestyx majestyx

    ich war nie freiwillig beim fratzenbuch, mach mich doch nicht selbst zur scheisshausfliege! aber dann, kaum den kopf aus der idologischen scheisse gezogen da meckerst via !gnusocial - "die fliegen bleiben ja alle auf der scheisse sitzen" - ja, willkommen in d

    Monday, 13-Jul-15 06:39:05 AEST from
  9. Erkan Yılmaz erkanyilmaz

    I think he was watching the #

    Monday, 20-Jan-14 06:24:26 AEDT from