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  1. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Business #: Dinner Security Theatre. From enhanced dégustation to the classic Operation Dessert Storm. BYO wine or beer, in bottles of 100ml or less. Contrary to rumor, the menu has not been "sexed up"; we only ordered the inspectors home out of concern for their safety.

    about 3 months ago from web in context
  2. kuro kuro

    In !science the credit goes to the man who convinces the world, not to the man to whom the # occurs first. - Francis Darwin !q

    about a year ago from
  3. Matthew Davidson mjd

    #: A # called "Who's Not Got a Book to Plug", which interviews people who haven't had a book published in the last twelve months.

    Tuesday, 03-Nov-15 00:31:09 AEDT from web
  4. Matthew Davidson mjd

    # for a cop show: Law and Order, Emotional Distress Unit. "Stay with me, goddammit! I hear and validate your response to being critically injured, but please just acknowledge the negative feelings, and let them go! We've been through too much personal growth to give up now!"

    Thursday, 04-Sep-14 22:08:37 AEST from web
  5. luis0093 luis0093

    !GNUsocial: Just # , it would be so cool to post to Quitter (GN) from !diaspora in the same way it does to Twitter already.

    Friday, 08-Aug-14 16:34:47 AEST from in context
  6. Matthew Davidson mjd

    # to fill an empty shop in #: Chinese/North African fusion cuisine. "Wok Like an Egyptian." Thank you. I'm here all week. Remember to tip your waitress.

    Monday, 14-Apr-14 23:58:24 AEST from web
  7. Matthew Davidson mjd

    #: Don't call it a lecture, call it a "learning sprint". #

    Monday, 10-Feb-14 16:28:20 AEDT from web
  8. Matthew Davidson mjd

    #: Shirt extender. 1 foot wide by 2 foot tall piece of cotton cloth with buttons on one side, holes on the other. For the growing gent.

    Saturday, 25-Jan-14 18:03:46 AEDT from web
  9. Matthew Davidson mjd

    #: Sleep porn. A black screen you can alt-tab to when your boss isn't looking.

    Sunday, 22-Sep-13 19:58:18 AEST from web at 30°17'24"S 153°5'49"E
  10. Matthew Davidson mjd

    #: Mosquito artificial insemination. The equipment needed will be light but delicate.

    Monday, 05-Aug-13 20:58:09 AEST from web at 30°17'24"S 153°5'49"E
  11. Matthew Davidson mjd

    # I'm sure somebody's already had: Behind the scenes DVD extra for a fictional (as in non-existent) film and/or TV series.

    Tuesday, 25-Jun-13 22:12:24 AEST from web at 30°17'46"S 153°6'56"E
  12. cdbragg cdbragg

    A suggestion @mjd. Can you come up with a useful way to turn # into some kind of acronym - eg Coffs Harbour Old Man Society... #

    Tuesday, 23-Apr-13 08:55:08 AEST from web at 30°17'46"S 153°6'56"E in context
  13. ruben h tregeagle

    Scanned, enlarged fly heads, 3d printed, painted and mounted as a hunting trophies. # #

    Monday, 22-Apr-13 11:34:02 AEST from Gwibber at 30°22'59"S 153°5'59"E in context
  14. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Brilliant #: Forget the trillion dollar coin; the # could beat the debt ceiling by turning it's NSA spy computers into # farms!

    Thursday, 10-Jan-13 13:02:31 AEDT from web at 30°17'46"S 153°6'56"E
  15. ruben h tregeagle

    A sea-shanty blog with a stylesheet that enables users to print it as a little booklet. #

    Monday, 31-Dec-12 12:44:37 AEDT from web at 33°52'8"S 151°12'25"E
  16. Matthew Davidson mjd

    #: Alan Bennett, Vampire Slayer.

    Thursday, 18-Oct-12 17:30:50 AEDT from web at 30°17'46"S 153°6'56"E
  17. Matthew Davidson freemjd

    #: a # plugin that turns all URLs in posts into ones.

    Thursday, 23-Dec-10 11:11:04 AEDT from omb
  18. Matthew Davidson freemjd

    # for a #: "We don't sell you". Web sites that pledge not to use ad networks or other user-mining "services".

    Friday, 17-Dec-10 15:49:58 AEDT from omb
  19. ruben h tregeagle

    Caffeinated Beer # #

    Tuesday, 17-Aug-10 13:21:15 AEST from web in context
  20. ruben h tregeagle

    @mjd exactly the perfect combo # #

    Tuesday, 17-Aug-10 13:20:26 AEST from web in context