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  1. strypey strypey

    @ydunaimtings we may have a different definition of "failing". I think not being used is "failing". # uses JS and is being used right now

    about 2 days ago from
  2. strypey strypey

    Is anyone else seeing weird behaviour on #? Disappearing replies? Empty timelines in users who definitely have posted? @dreezj

    about 3 days ago from
  3. strypey strypey

    @paralithode BTW I would never have considered joining in with a # chat as butting in" if I wasn't told off for doing so recently

    about 19 days ago from in context
  4. strypey strypey

    @clacke @bsmall2 @mjd true D* does have PM, which # doesn't, but it's still nowhere near the feature set of # (more's the pity)

    about a month ago from in context
  5. cmhobbs cmhobbs

    @jim how do you guys keep up with # over #? There were too many messages when I tried it. Perhaps I follow too many people.

    Sunday, 15-Nov-15 04:16:13 AEDT from
  6. cmhobbs cmhobbs

    Is Ahuka of # fame on #? Somewhat related: he looks boss in his HPR mugshot:

    Saturday, 14-Nov-15 09:34:25 AEDT from
  7. cmhobbs cmhobbs

    This is perfect on #

    Thursday, 12-Nov-15 04:56:19 AEDT from
  8. blog2read blog2read

    Noch einmal meine Frage zu !Gnusocial. Hat jemand eine Instanz auf am Laufen? #

    Monday, 08-Jun-15 18:24:13 AEST from
  9. dragnucs dragnucs

    My suggestion to a transparent federation to # and the like. This suggestion would allow users on !gnusocial to communicate with users on twitter without having an account on that network and also get replies from twitter users. It will also draw the

    Thursday, 16-Apr-15 00:10:46 AEST from
  10. dragnucs dragnucs

    My suggestion on how to transparently federate to # and similar without the need for users to have a twitter account. My suggestion would also draw the federated to users' attention to !gnusocial. The idea is simple: _a bot_. This bot will simply re

    Wednesday, 15-Apr-15 23:56:31 AEST from
  11. manuel manuel

    @yvolk What we are trying to point is that the federation issues or limitations as you said may look like a "bug", but they are really the result of an agreement, an implicit contract: to be part of a conversation on anot

    Sunday, 12-Apr-15 18:26:26 AEST from
  12. manuel manuel

    @vinzv Yes! we already are testing it in our blog :-D In the first version we are providing a new template for comments from the plugin. This is a big mess to fit with the theme

    Wednesday, 25-Mar-15 04:53:25 AEDT from
  13. erkan erkan

    while others still don't get their up (and own !gs up), I have now the 3rd !gnusocial up and running, this time on #

    Sunday, 01-Mar-15 18:29:02 AEDT from
  14. erkan erkan

    interestingly, I could not (1) register your usual username here. cc !gs !gnusocial @andstatus (1) "] User.php -
    Bad nickname during User registration for andstatus: Nickname is already in use on this server."

    Wednesday, 18-Feb-15 19:07:53 AEDT from
  15. erkan erkan

    RT @manuel Gsfluo is our first code for !gnusocial. It is a PHP hack for publishing notices to any gnusocial node from a SemanticScuttle feed, but it works perfectly with any other RSS feed. We couldn't find how to send

    Wednesday, 18-Feb-15 05:06:04 AEDT from in context
  16. erkan erkan

    !gs experience: just tried to # my account (1), have a 3.5MB file, but last entry from 11 days ago only :-( let's see if I am more successful with the backupuser script. cc !gnusocial (1)

    Monday, 16-Feb-15 21:34:06 AEDT from
  17. erkan erkan

    This instance is powered by the latest !gs changes! May GNU be with us all. As always: ( !gnusocial admins look at your logs and) report anomalies. Have a nice ride...

    Tuesday, 10-Feb-15 22:45:38 AEDT from
  18. erkan erkan

    cc !gs !gnusocial RT @mmn Made some edits on - I hope they won't be reverted.

    Tuesday, 10-Feb-15 21:23:17 AEDT from
  19. erkan erkan

    cc @mattl @robmyers RT @satura anybody knows in !gs or !gnusocial which is the certificate fingerprint for ??

    Tuesday, 10-Feb-15 04:18:25 AEDT from in context
  20. erkan erkan Deprecated: mysql_escape_string(): This function is deprecated; use mysql_real_escape_string() instead. in /var/www/statusnet-0.9.9/lib/popularity.php on line 61

    yes, I think so (see pic, tried 3 combinations), but also in the web ui (tried normal command there only). cc !gs !gnusocial

    Monday, 09-Feb-15 22:31:08 AEDT from