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  1. strypey strypey

    @myzim # is an instance of #

    about 21 days ago from in context
  2. strypey strypey

    @mjd I love # for public-facing status updates, but that's all it does, and all it's every likely to do.

    about a month ago from in context
  3. Matthew Davidson mjd

    @strypey Sure. The preamble to the # constitution is about "forming the structure of the new society within the shell of the old". The new society requires # #

    about a month ago from web in context
  4. ziggys ziggys

    !gnusocial es sobre # y # La idea es que el usuario tenga el control de su red social y no al revés, que el contenido le pertenezca al usuario, que el servidor que ejecuta el # asegure la integridad de los datos del usuario

    about 2 months ago from in context
  5. ziggys ziggys

    Debido # realizado. No los molesto por un rato xD # !gnusocial !fediverse #

    about 3 months ago from
  6. rozzin rozzin

    @doe, you do seem to be posting *about* "everything" *except* GNU social. I'm just asking you to find or create a group that's actually appropriate to your topics instead of hijacking random groups. People who like to use !gnusocial to talk about !gnusocial m

    about 3 months ago from at 42°45'55"N 71°28'3"W
  7. colegota colegota

    El grupo de # en vinilox va a desaparecer.

    Ya me he suscrito al nuevo !gnusocial en con el alias !gs

    !vivalafederation !fedgroups

    about 3 months ago from in context
  8. strypey strypey

    @deadsuperhero I find I get far more responses on # than any of the other federated social networks I've tried

    about 4 months ago from
  9. strypey strypey

    @effio EFF recommend Signal (some proprietary bits), and offer no specific replacements for Twitter and FB, eg #, #, #

    about 4 months ago from
  10. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Tho' my registrar was consumed by a larger company and registration costs tripled, so I can't justify keeping a separate domain just for this. #: Does # have an equivalent to # 301 Moved Permanently? & if so, do # clients respond intelligently?

    about 6 months ago from web in context
  11. Matthew Davidson mjd

    @tregeagle In that case I'm submitting a # feature request at once. We need a fediversefriendiversary to remain competitive.

    about 9 months ago from web in context
  12. susobaco susobaco

    Creados los bots en # a partir de twitter y el maravilloso de @somconexio y @somenergia # !gnusocial

    about 9 months ago from
  13. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Don't seem to be receiving posts from remote subscriptions since upgrading server to # Wheezy yesterday. Will upgrade to Jessie, and - gasp! - #, later in the week.

    about 11 months ago from web
  14. vinzv vinzv

    DE: Nachdem immer mehr Anfragen nach # Stickern kommen, hier alle Details dazu im Wiki.

    EN: As people keep requesting # stickers I put up the details on the wiki. !gnusocial #

    about a year ago from at 48°22'0"N 10°53'55"E
  15. manuel manuel

    # como base de una nueva Sharing Economy libre y distribuida !gnusocial

    about a year ago from
  16. dragnucs dragnucs

    @mcscx @taknamay mustard was designed from the ground up to support !gnusocial features. !twidere just recently took # seriousely.

    about a year ago from
  17. manuel manuel

    @club Quedada «GNU social» mañana viernes 18 en Madrid Encuentro de usuarios, desarrolladores y todo aquel interesado en esta maravillosa plataforma. La cita es en Madrid, en nuestra oficina (consúltanos la dirección y confirma tu asistencia escri

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  18. cow2001 cow2001

    Send a patch or bug report to !gnusocial or w/e weedtag. # @zemichi

    about a year ago from
  19. xikufrancesc xikufrancesc

    El debate de # que apenas comienza. Si muchos usuarios se decantaron por un # no era precisamente porque quisieran ir a otro lado, sino simplemente porque lo que ellos tanto aman o les gusta les dejó de gustar. Entonces con esta tan clara

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  20. nydel nydel

    @tuxxus @smj !fediverse i haven't been back to any of the old places since i announced i'd be leaving for the new federated !sdf  ... things here have evolved quite a bit since then vis a vis participation, diversity, activity, and quality of notice content

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