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  1. strypey strypey

    @keithpp on more careful examination it's more like the # set of features than the # set of features anyway

    about 19 days ago from
  2. strypey strypey

    @rmdes I saw today they also have text chat, which is cool, but underscores your point, more of a replacement for # than #

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  3. strypey strypey

    @euphoria have you tried out # or # as a potential # replacement?

    about 21 days ago from in context
  4. strypey strypey

    @wogan but its inadequate for sites wanting to offer a more # style swiss army knife of functions; private posts, events, RTC etc

    about a month ago from in context
  5. strypey strypey

    @reality "FaceBook Messengers" really? Even if I used # I wouldn't trust their "end-to-end encryption" without audited source code

    about 3 months ago from
  6. strypey strypey

    @mjd I'm not defending # or saying there aren't better ways to use networked comms for political purposes, I think there are

    about 3 months ago from in context
  7. strypey strypey

    @mjd that's a risk, but it depends what the # actually use # for. If it's only outreach to non-members, what's the problem?

    about 3 months ago from in context
  8. strypey strypey

    Adam Conover ruins # (and Google) with an intentionally lame Matrix parody. Gold!

    about 3 months ago from
  9. strypey strypey

    One more reason not to use # - nothing published there can be archived:

    about 8 months ago from
  10. strypey strypey

    The power that # has over global news discourse is chilling. Even TV newscasts never had this much power: Deprecated: mysql_escape_string(): This function is deprecated; use mysql_real_escape_string() instead. in /var/www/statusnet-0.9.9/lib/popularity.php on line 61

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