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  1. Matthew Davidson mjd

    @theru Too late, unless the latest drones are really tiny. Going by Moore's Special Law of Drones, we've a few years yet. The # should probably start on it now, though.

    about 3 months ago from web in context
  2. ioerror ioerror

    Big Victory: Judge Pushes Jewel v. NSA Forward: # #

    Sunday, 21-Feb-16 00:00:17 AEDT from
  3. cmhobbs cmhobbs

    Anyone have #, #, or # images that'd make a good phone background?

    Thursday, 22-Oct-15 12:56:03 AEDT from
  4. cmhobbs cmhobbs

    Further # in the # leaks. Thanks to the # for their analysis: This kind of stuff just makes me so mad... especially being powerless.

    Sunday, 11-Oct-15 15:30:02 AEDT from
  5. cmhobbs cmhobbs

    # talking about the # keeping people from getting into the code in their cars. Got some folks speaking for the # They're saying our car computers serve our corporate masters. I never thought I'd see the day when some piece of mass media would menti

    Wednesday, 30-Sep-15 07:23:45 AEST from
  6. cmhobbs cmhobbs

    I've been curious to see how well Privacy Badger works. #

    Thursday, 13-Aug-15 14:36:13 AEST from
  7. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Giving # a go. If you can't trust the #, who can you trust?

    Friday, 25-Jul-14 17:32:01 AEST from web
  8. backuptheru backuptheru

    Another day another # t-shirt

    Tuesday, 06-May-14 20:29:21 AEST from at 56°9'24"N 10°12'38"E
  9. backuptheru backuptheru

    I like the old # sticker better #

    Wednesday, 23-Apr-14 01:52:03 AEST from at 56°9'24"N 10°12'38"E
  10. backuptheru backuptheru

    I like the old # sticker better

    Wednesday, 23-Apr-14 01:47:26 AEST from at 56°9'24"N 10°12'38"E
  11. backuptheru backuptheru

    And the # hoddy arrived @nybill

    Monday, 14-Apr-14 20:57:30 AEST from at 56°9'24"N 10°12'38"E
  12. laurelrusswurm laurelrusswurm

    @mmn according to the # post on Forward Secrecy shared by @lohang, Heartbleed has been around for years, not days !privacy !security

    Wednesday, 09-Apr-14 16:05:54 AEST from
  13. backuptheru backuptheru

    # Hoddy on it way to Denmark :)

    Friday, 14-Mar-14 06:04:47 AEDT from at 56°9'24"N 10°12'38"E
  14. W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) w3c

    W3C this week: Meet the #, Tokyo # Meetup, # election campaign, # joined W3C etc.

    Saturday, 25-May-13 01:16:20 AEST from
  15. Matthew Davidson mjd

    The # catches up with @bushturkey:

    Thursday, 01-Nov-12 15:20:26 AEDT from web at 30°17'46"S 153°6'56"E
  16. Luka Marčetić lmarcetic

    Finally a step in the right direction: # # system: !eff !freedombox !cypherpunk

    Wednesday, 01-Dec-10 05:10:53 AEDT from at 45°10'0"N 15°30'0"E
  17. Evan Prodromou evan

    Man, I still miss the # here.

    Wednesday, 15-Apr-09 10:16:53 AEST from omb
  18. Paul Templeton pault4

    @freemjd # is it April fools day already?

    Tuesday, 13-Jan-09 08:53:39 AEDT from omb
  19. Matthew Davidson freemjd

    # on # is like

    Tuesday, 13-Jan-09 08:44:34 AEDT from omb

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