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  1. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Watergating (v.): Enhanced self-immolation. # #

    about 16 days ago from web
  2. Matthew Davidson mjd

    academic (n.): An autodidact on a leash. #

    about 4 months ago from web in context
  3. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Shoot through like a Bondi tram (n., colloquial): To leave in haste. #

    about 5 months ago from web
  4. Matthew Davidson mjd

    #: "what happens if you put # 8 and#Flash in a blender." # Atrios #

    about 9 months ago from web
  5. Matthew Davidson mjd

    superannuation, n.: Weaponised savings. #

    about a year ago from web
  6. Matthew Davidson mjd

    modicum, n.: A financial codpiece designed to exaggerate both the contribution of the rich to the public weal and its inadequacy. "Wealth tax? You would shamelessly loot from my peasants their meagre modicum?" - Mark Zuckerberg. #

    about a year ago from web
  7. Matthew Davidson mjd

    #, (n.): Any system where the user voluntarily becomes the used. #

    Sunday, 26-Oct-14 13:09:52 AEDT from web
  8. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Indivigil, (n.): The process of looking out for number one. #

    Monday, 28-Jul-14 23:10:03 AEST from web
  9. Matthew Davidson mjd

    parody, (adj.): In the manner of a colourful, highly intelligent bird with a short, curved beak. #

    Thursday, 03-Apr-14 17:23:48 AEDT from web
  10. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Wombat, (n.): An implement used to strike a wom. #

    Tuesday, 24-Dec-13 23:17:00 AEDT from web
  11. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Pragmatism, (n.): 1. A polite term for immorality. 2. In public policy, the requirement to frame moral arguments in terms of self-interest. #

    Friday, 08-Nov-13 11:51:05 AEDT from web at 30°17'24"S 153°5'49"E
  12. ruben h tregeagle

    Natriuresis: salty piss # #

    Friday, 13-Sep-13 11:45:33 AEST from mustard at 30°22'47"S 153°2'37"E
  13. Matthew Davidson mjd

    If a thing is measurable, it's science. If a thing is interesting, it's philosophy. #

    Thursday, 29-Aug-13 08:09:29 AEST from web at 30°17'24"S 153°5'49"E
  14. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Research, n.: The process of banging your head against the Internet until words fall out. #

    Thursday, 25-Jul-13 10:07:01 AEST from web at 30°17'24"S 153°5'49"E
  15. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Drinx, v.: To bring bad fortune to a venture by having a premature celebratory beverage. #

    Monday, 18-Mar-13 17:53:35 AEDT from web at 30°17'46"S 153°6'56"E
  16. Matthew Davidson mjd

    # punce: n. A pun so multi-layered and overwrought that it's intelligible to nobody. Often employed when naming quaint little shops.

    Wednesday, 24-Oct-12 11:50:22 AEDT from web at 30°17'46"S 153°6'56"E
  17. Matthew Davidson mjd

    "manic-depressive, adj.: Easy glum, easy glow." # #

    Friday, 10-Aug-12 10:56:56 AEST from web at 30°17'46"S 153°6'56"E
  18. Matthew Davidson mjd

    # Neoclassical economics, n. The rigorous scientific study of the world as it isn't.

    Friday, 10-Aug-12 07:44:39 AEST from web at 30°17'46"S 153°6'56"E
  19. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Capitalist, n: One who sees every crisis as an opportunity, and diligently sets about creating as many as possible. #

    Sunday, 15-Jul-12 12:54:59 AEST from web at 27°35'9"S 153°18'25"E
  20. Matthew Davidson mjd

    # Humidity: (n.) The degree to which the intellectual atmosphere in any given place is permeated by Scottish Enlightenment #

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