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  1. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Cool! You can `apt-get install anarchism`. #

    Monday, 07-Sep-15 13:46:51 AEST from web
  2. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Found this today. I like it a lot: # #

    Saturday, 05-Sep-15 21:15:21 AEST from web
  3. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Upside of glacial # major version release cycle: The version of Drupal in # stable is the current one.

    Monday, 31-Aug-15 19:07:23 AEST from web
  4. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Seem to have fixed my # woes with #'s (presumably non-free) driver. Compiling software—and foreign software, at that—is not the # way. I feel unclean.

    Thursday, 20-Aug-15 14:47:05 AEST from web
  5. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Trying out # # support. Have no idea whether this is a good idea or not. Will find out, I suppose. I'm guessing BIOSes will eventually drop support for legacy booting at #'s insistence.

    Wednesday, 29-Jul-15 18:30:49 AEST from web in context
  6. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Finally getting new PC tomorrow from these guys: Shop is just rack after rack of parts to the ceiling, and they know what # is. Good enough for me.

    Tuesday, 28-Jul-15 17:17:17 AEST from web in context
  7. cmhobbs cmhobbs

    This is an Eee PC X101CH (1GB RAM and Atom CPU). I have voided the warranty and put a low profile SSD in it but it's running faster than # # with # I'm not sure how but I like it so far.

    Saturday, 11-Jul-15 09:33:29 AEST from
  8. cmhobbs cmhobbs

    Wow... !trisquel mini is snappy on my little netbook. This is really surprising. Now I can't decide if I want to switch from # or not. /cc @vinzv

    Saturday, 11-Jul-15 09:21:47 AEST from in context
  9. cmhobbs cmhobbs

    Grabbing a # # live cd to try out on the company laptop. Wishful thinking...

    Monday, 22-Jun-15 05:48:36 AEST from
  10. cmhobbs cmhobbs

    It just occurred to me that this rig would probably run # since it's built for # I'll slap # on it and see what happens.

    Wednesday, 17-Jun-15 10:48:32 AEST from in context
  11. lnxw48 lnxw48

    @teslasmoustache @vinzv Something to be aware of. Newest !gnusocial code is written for # version 5.5 or greater. So # (because it is based on # #) with default software packages might not work correctly.

    Wednesday, 10-Jun-15 14:45:51 AEST from
  12. mk mk

    I just discovered # - a little application to construct color schemes; it also comes with an eyedropper tool (which can be used to pick any pixel on the screen as 'base color'). Handy for web design! Available in !Debian repo, so installation took 6 keys

    Friday, 29-May-15 00:07:39 AEST from
  13. cmhobbs cmhobbs I'm learning so much about # via the upgrade docs while I wait. I don't know why I didn't use this distro years ago. I like it quite a lot

    Sunday, 24-May-15 01:02:45 AEST from in context
  14. mk mk

    also new in the # repo: Code::Blocks integrated development environment (IDE). Sounds interesting.

    Wednesday, 20-May-15 17:47:50 AEST from
  15. mk mk

    @mk in #, of course

    Wednesday, 20-May-15 17:46:04 AEST from in context
  16. mk mk

    Has anyone here used FireHOL to configure an IPtables firewall? If so, what's your experience with that? Looks quite interesting to me !fediverse !fediverso !debian

    Tuesday, 19-May-15 07:26:52 AEST from
  17. mk mk

    @mk It seems there's not even a bug for this yet (unless I'm looking in the wrong place?): # # #

    Saturday, 16-May-15 21:48:27 AEST from in context
  18. mk mk

    !linux !debian is there anything I can do to make debian recognize a brand-new USB3 thumb? It's recognized without a hitch on Dennis (LMDE) and not at all on Nikola (Deb Jessie); kernel used on Nikola is not teh latest (which doesn't work) but still newer tha

    Thursday, 02-Apr-15 00:53:53 AEDT from
  19. Matthew Davidson mjd

    2 weeks after installing # jessie on #'s laptop I finally get around to explaining the swoopy-swooshy features of # 3. For the record, she's making approving noises.

    Monday, 16-Mar-15 16:14:40 AEDT from web
  20. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Simple GUI front end for the # alternatives system. Nice.

    Thursday, 05-Mar-15 18:35:45 AEDT from web

Debian is a operating system (OS) for computers. Debian uses Linux, and for user space the GNU Project; thus the name GNU/Linux. Debian was created in 1994 and the current version is 6.0.