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  1. Matthew Davidson mjd

    @tregeagle I had it penciled in for this week, as I've been consolidating my last two # servers into one. Been scaling new sections of the learning curve, as # config has changed slightly and # now depends on # Neeeearly ready to look into it…

    about 12 days ago from web in context
  2. strypey strypey

    # is a dead project @bobjonkman. Last stable version released was in 2007. Not sure if there's been recent development on #

    about 22 days ago from in context
  3. Bob Jonkman bobjonkman

    For a cross-platform, user-friendly desktop app to create and upload HTML try the # in # or the standalone # @strypey @vegos

    about 22 days ago from in context
  4. mmn mmn

    @resetreboot Haha! Awesome. That # debacle is about _exactly_ the reason why I don't want to merge the # request for !GNUsocial:

    about a year ago from at 63°49'42"N 20°15'34"E