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  1. Matthew Davidson mjd

    For many years, the only # merchandise from # Enterprises was a # of Revenge of the Cybermen, the 2nd worst story of Tom Baker's 1st series. The 3rd worst was bloody brilliant. Takes a special kind of genius to be almost, but not quite, as stupid as possible.

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  2. Matthew Davidson mjd

    I see that "The Fan Show" is produced by # Worldwide, the filthy lucre arm of the corporation. In my day we had #'s # Magazine. Also photocopied fanzines. Produced by fans, not by BBC Enterprises, as it was known in those days.

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  3. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Having been told, in 1989, that # should be put to rest because it's old and outdated, it is particularly galling, in 2016, when the # insists that I "need to install # Player to play this content."

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  4. Matthew Davidson mjd

    And no, # et al., the problem isn't that "Media playback is unsupported on [my] device", it's that the open standard for media playback isn't supported by you. # #

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  5. Matthew Davidson mjd

    "90 minutes of television that's achingly relevant. […] At a point where the # is seemingly under relentless attack, _this_ is what a licence fee buys you." #

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  6. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Oh, goody. Another # spinoff. Proves the # has "immense trust and commitment to the [Dr Who] brand," apparently. Our culture is not your brand, Aunty Beeb.

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  7. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Public broadcasting: Not just market Spakfilla; it's job is to cover everything. # #

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  8. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Your licence fee at work: #

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  9. Matthew Davidson mjd


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  10. Matthew Davidson mjd

    The # have already downsized & outsourced - in the late 80s, when # was the only drama they produced in-house, until they snuffed that out as well. It took over a decade to recover from that catastrophe.

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  11. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Sorry to see Sandi Toksvig give up Radio 4 panel games for a career in comedy. #

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  12. Matthew Davidson mjd

    "I think I must have reverse adrenalin. As the deadline gets closer most people speed up - I just get slower." # Delia Derbyshire # #

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  13. Matthew Davidson mjd

    The #: Good at panel games, # Bad at news.

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  14. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Re-listening to old episodes of the News Quiz. Here's # in top form from 7th April 2012. #

    Tuesday, 26-Aug-14 01:23:37 AEST from web
  15. Matthew Davidson mjd

    WTF? "engagement with this brand"? F**k you, Jon Penn, Managing Director, # Worldwide ANZ. #

    Friday, 15-Aug-14 22:22:57 AEST from web
  16. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Had a mental health day today. # Radio 4 and # Beats # any day.

    Thursday, 01-May-14 21:23:51 AEST from web
  17. kevie kevie

    I've just come across a # podcast by the # called Scotland Introducing focused on # and # artists

    Saturday, 08-Mar-14 22:03:23 AEDT from
  18. laurelrusswurm laurelrusswurm

    @inscius I have no problem with # (and # here) selling works it creates; but I do disapprove of # !copyright

    Wednesday, 29-Jan-14 09:25:15 AEDT from
  19. laurelrusswurm laurelrusswurm

    @inscius I think it okay for public television to create homegrown original entertainment programming like # in cultural self-defence

    Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 04:13:50 AEDT from
  20. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Oh, the # is letting even us colonial commoners watch it for the next 4 days. Ta very much. #

    Wednesday, 27-Nov-13 21:13:53 AEDT from web in context