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  1. clacke clacke

    @dolus @mangeurdenuage He is my favorite cancer. We wouldn't have # if it weren't for him. :-)

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  2. clacke clacke

    @sonyam has private messaging, followers-only posting, federated identity so you can run around on other servers and comment using your home id, the API is lightweight and very consistent and understandable in comparison with GS+Qvitter (I hear), and

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  3. clacke clacke

    @b9ace @dreezj I would like to once more emphasize that I don't think # "failed". It gave us GNU Social. And it provided Evan with the experience that allowed him to create, which has been the structural starting point for the work on the new

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  4. march march

    re-hi, !gnusocial & !pumpio, #activitypub seen? <3

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