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  1. I have the opposite problem. The more _other people_ use #, the worse I feel. via #

    about 3 months ago from web
  2. @bsmall2 I've not tried # I couldn't see anything indispensable about what # does that # with a generous char limit can't do. As a former # zealot, these (federated) services should all be readily duplicated by Drupal install profiles as well.

    about 4 months ago from web in context
  3. @strypey You can't agitate, educate, organise withing # FB does the organising, and determines which, if any, users hear your agitation and education, as # (via you) observes.

    about 4 months ago from web in context
  4. @strypey Damnit. You started me looking into this again. Here's "Eben # on #, # and Government Surveillance" a year before # and right on the money:

    about 4 months ago from web in context
  5. @strypey I dunno. I set up a # account a couple of years ago to check out # integration and just thought "Is this it? Is this what all the fuss is about?" The vanity value of feeling important enough to be surveilled appears the killer feature.

    about 4 months ago from web in context
  6. @strypey I see it more as encouraging # members to join # et al., and to expose non-members as having activist sympathies. I can't imagine the NSA wouldn't be glad of the assistance.

    about 4 months ago from web in context
  7. "‘Census Is Invasion Of My Privacy’ Man Writes On Website That Knows His Underwear Size" #

    about 7 months ago from web
  8. "Cancer, June 21 - July 22: # keeps asking you where you work. You’d better get some sort of story straight."

    about a year ago from web in context
  9. @tregeagle # (et al.) is a diagnostic tool, like an optometrist flipping lenses on that contraption they have. "Is this better? Or this?"

    about a year ago from web in context
  10. # emerges as an early strong contender for the 2016 doing-the-right-thing-for-the-wrong-reason prize: #

    about a year ago from web
  11. "Dutch duo expose prejudices by reading ‘Koran verses’ from Bible" — and # censors it.

    Wednesday, 10-Feb-16 17:05:43 AEDT from web
  12. I certainly don't need a publisher's idea of what I'm supposed to be interested in, which is then filtered through #'s idea of what I'm supposed to be interested in. Just give me an # feed. I can take it from there.

    Wednesday, 04-Nov-15 21:15:47 AEDT from web in context
  13. #: social capital rentier.

    Saturday, 08-Aug-15 22:20:30 AEST from web
  14. # is "an awkward family dinner party we can’t really leave".

    Thursday, 12-Feb-15 17:47:19 AEDT from web
  15. Having just finished an essay on #, I can say it's shocking how much allegedly respectable research is generated by convenience sampling of privileged # college kids.

    Sunday, 18-Jan-15 11:23:53 AEDT from web
  16. #’s Structure of Compulsory Happiness:

    Thursday, 01-Jan-15 18:53:24 AEDT from web in context
  17. # is designed to be ruthlessly, mindlessly positive. You can only like things; you can't dislike, or be upset, outraged, or grief-stricken. It is deliberate, systematic inhumanity; the edge cases are just extreme examples, not aberrations.

    Thursday, 25-Dec-14 18:52:01 AEDT from web in context
  18. @zoowar Never again. I still get flashbacks of brainless blonde-haired, blue-eyed marketing gurus who think they know better than me because they are # friends with thousands of their fellow scam artists.

    Tuesday, 16-Dec-14 20:44:41 AEDT from web in context
  19. Good news everyone: # and # are offering their workers a cure for being female. Now they can be just like "normal" employees.

    Thursday, 06-Nov-14 19:02:50 AEDT from web in context
  20. Just remembered where I recently saw a lovely chap I knew from # anarchist/socialist circles in the 90s. In a # "do you know?" nag. An account I've only ever used for testing # integration. Not spoken to him since the days of # Navigator Gold. Creepy.

    Sunday, 05-Oct-14 18:46:34 AEDT from web in context