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  1. @tregeagle I could do a flaneur's #: languidly strolling athleticism tempered by drinks, snacks, light reading and idle conversation. No set course, and the most delightful anecdote or philosophical insight generated in the process wins. #

    about 11 hours ago from web in context
  2. Silver lining of #: Mick Jones probably got some royalties thanks to lazy broadcast news organisations.

    about 16 hours ago from web
  3. Todays tech tip: gPodder doesn't let you search episode title/descriptions. Presuming you can write # queries (and who in this world of tech-literate, digital native millennials can't?) open ~/gPodder/Database with

    about 20 hours ago from web
  4. Why yes, I am open to offers of writing gigs on Channel 4 panel shows. Why do you ask?

    about a day ago from web in context
  5. I look forward to a general election between the UK's hippy uncle and some sort of bottom-feeding pond mollusc.

    about a day ago from web in context
  6. The "Gove career-destroying machine has turned on Boris Johnson", which must come as a relief to previous target, Michael Gove. Until recently Theresa May and Boris Johnson were "joint favourites" in a survey of conservatives. Favourite whats?

    about a day ago from web in context
  7. I like pale imitations of The Onion as much as the next person, but this new one stretches credulity without actually being funny. #

    about a day ago from web in context
  8. "They’re hideously deformed abominations unto God, arms coming out of their foreheads, blood coming out of their… wherevers… and some, I assume, are good people. Ask anybody, I have many fabulous mutant friends." #

    about a day ago from web
  9. Result of visit to dentist: My ratty old teeth are now so free of plaque that I can use my tongue to map out every one of my cavities in fine detail. A new pastime: lingua-dental spelunking.

    about a day ago from web in context
  10. "Voters at the upcoming Federal election will now be given the choice of placing a ‘1’ above the line, or filling in all 81 boxes below the line, ensuring that every row, column, and 3×3 grid contains the numbers 1-9."

    about a day ago from web
  11. Had a dentist appointment this morning. Thought I'd take advantage of the mild # to # home from the other side of town. 4 hours later everything hurts.

    about 3 days ago from web in context
  12. "The Australians are the most hospitable and generous people in the world. If you're stuck for a night, they'll give you a bed. Haven't got a drink, they'll give you a drink. Got no money they'll give you money […] It's those white Australians I don't like." # Dave Allen

    about 4 days ago from web
  13. Hilary Benn is a fucking disgrace. How many charismatic populist dynamos do the Red Tories have hidden away? At last count, none. It's # or BoJo the clown, and it's clear the Blairites prefer the latter.

    about 5 days ago from web in context
  14. The # reveals that # will never be able to "move on" until it re-embraces #

    about 5 days ago from web in context
  15. I suddenly and unexpectedly find myself using # rather than # this morning. Feel slightly soiled. #

    about 5 days ago from web
  16. "Idyll is utterly without stimulus, and all those trees and all that grass drain the spirit." # Jeffrey Bernard, according to Keith Waterhouse

    about 5 days ago from web in context
  17. Suburbia is the grey area between living and living in a nursing home.

    about 5 days ago from web in context
  18. @tregeagle #, shocked by sub-20℃ conditions, refused to leave the bed all morning, stayed snoozing with a cat on top of her all afternoon, moved to her sofa chair this evening, cat in pursuit. Had to wake her up for dinner, saying the nurse will be round with her pills later.

    about 5 days ago from web in context
  19. "Hey, can an experienced doctor from Germany show up and start practicing in New York next week? Since the answer is no, we can say that we don't have free trade." # Dean Baker

    about 6 days ago from web
  20. "Leave campaigner and avid bastard Nigel Farage confirmed that any financial hardship people could face in the years to come will be mitigated by the fact dirty foreigners won’t be flooding into Britain and contributing positively to society and the economy."

    about 7 days ago from web in context