1. Peter pvs

    not content with redneck towns, on our way to redneck state

    Sunday, 17-Jul-11 10:43:52 AEST from web
    1. Matthew Davidson mjd

      @pvs I think this is a positive move. A guaranteed way to make anything unpopular with children is to add it to the school curriculum.

      Sunday, 17-Jul-11 11:06:49 AEST from web
    2. Matthew Davidson mjd

      @pvs Next: mandatory smoking lessons.

      Sunday, 17-Jul-11 11:07:25 AEST from web
    3. ruben h tregeagle

      @pvs "It's an Olympic sport. How are we going to produce our next champions if we can't promote it" same goes for !Uno

      Monday, 18-Jul-11 11:09:10 AEST from web
      1. Peter pvs

        @tregeagle oh its sport! the most important thing in Straylya, why didn't they say so, where's my southern cross tat, oi! oi! oi!

        Tuesday, 19-Jul-11 10:24:24 AEST from web