1. ruben h tregeagle

    @nial @cdbragg @pvs @allofyooz !uno Wednesday Night. It's wear a fez night.

    Tuesday, 24-May-11 14:09:29 AEST from Gwibber
    1. Matthew Davidson mjd

      @tregeagle Excellent. Fez's are cool.

      Tuesday, 24-May-11 14:19:25 AEST from web at 30°17'46"S 153°6'56"E
      1. ruben h tregeagle

        @mjd Maybe I could get Em to make a few out of cardboard and tissue paper #

        Tuesday, 24-May-11 16:15:21 AEST from Gwibber
    2. cdbragg cdbragg

      @tregeagle @mjd @pvs I've just spoken to @Nial and he can't play.

      Tuesday, 24-May-11 21:23:49 AEST from Seesmic
      1. ruben h tregeagle

        @cdbragg @Rainish is in - how about @whatyouare @megsiek @rodus @rpg @duncan c'mon guys you'd love an evening of !Uno and pink lemonade

        Wednesday, 25-May-11 08:59:51 AEST from Gwibber
        1. Raina rainaish

          @tregeagle what time, and where? and yes, I'm in !Uno

          Wednesday, 25-May-11 14:08:52 AEST from web at 33°52'8"S 151°12'25"E
          1. ruben h tregeagle

            @rainaish I'll aim to be at the Sawtell pub by 8pm. !Uno

            Wednesday, 25-May-11 14:20:15 AEST from Gwibber
        2. cdbragg cdbragg

          @tregeagle @Rainish @whatyouare @megsiek @rodus @rpg @duncan I think I might pass. Cold and sleepy.

          Wednesday, 25-May-11 18:15:46 AEST from Seesmic
    3. Megan Kellar megsiek

      @tregeagle Sorry, I can't make it study study! Hopefully next time!!

      Wednesday, 25-May-11 15:27:36 AEST from web
      1. ruben h tregeagle

        @megsiek Just remember to wrap yourself in a towel whilst you study, It will reduce the urge to panic.

        Wednesday, 25-May-11 15:30:38 AEST from Gwibber