1. Peter pvs

    @mjd @tregeagle @cdbragg meeting next week to discuss geek-ville. anyone want to arm me with some requests or ideas?

    Tuesday, 01-Feb-11 18:33:34 AEDT from web
    1. ruben h tregeagle

      @pvs geekville meeting? huh?

      Tuesday, 01-Feb-11 20:33:35 AEDT from web
      1. Matthew Davidson mjd

        @tregeagle I'm assuming @pvs means #, or !writers, or "Friday coffee for slackarses without proper jobs".

        Tuesday, 01-Feb-11 20:48:13 AEDT from web at 30°17'7"S 153°7'52"E
        1. ruben h tregeagle

          @mjd: oh that. Geeks! Pah. That's the only time all week I'm not a geek. I'm an Artiste.

          Tuesday, 01-Feb-11 21:41:29 AEDT from gwibber
      2. Peter pvs

        @tregeagle @mjd geek-ville, colab, collaborative network, trying to see what sort of financial assistance we can get to kick start things

        Tuesday, 01-Feb-11 23:23:44 AEDT from web
        1. cdbragg cdbragg

          @pvs @tregeagle @mjd I knew what you were talking about straight away. Loving the avatar, too.

          Wednesday, 02-Feb-11 06:22:12 AEDT from at 30°22'59"S 153°5'59"E
    2. Matthew Davidson mjd

      @pvs That avatar is uncanny, by the way. It could be used as evidence in court. "Is this the man you saw?" "<sob> Yes, your honour."

      Tuesday, 01-Feb-11 20:52:31 AEDT from web at 30°17'7"S 153°7'52"E
      1. Peter pvs

        @mjd only in a Royal Commission would that evidence stack up

        Tuesday, 01-Feb-11 23:28:27 AEDT from web
      2. Peter pvs

        @mjd you should come for a morning-coffee thats the photo cdbragg took on his android

        Tuesday, 01-Feb-11 23:29:25 AEDT from web