1. ruben h tregeagle

    Really loving listening to vintage Stevie Wonder

    Wednesday, 12-Jan-11 15:29:26 AEDT from gwibber
    1. Peter pvs

      @tregeagle soothes the jquery jitters

      Wednesday, 12-Jan-11 17:57:05 AEDT from adium
      1. ruben h tregeagle

        @pvs: you are of course right, I put it all into a static page and # is great

        Wednesday, 12-Jan-11 18:07:25 AEDT from gwibber
        1. cdbragg cdbragg

          @tregeagle will you be joining in a paddle from CHEC this afternoon? bringing anyone?

          Thursday, 13-Jan-11 08:29:08 AEDT from omb
          1. ruben h tregeagle

            @cdbragg: make your mind up!

            Thursday, 13-Jan-11 11:11:11 AEDT from gwibber
            1. cdbragg cdbragg

              @tregeagle yes, good point. Was just notified moments ago about the lack of boat. Perhaps @mjd or @pvs would like to come along tomorrow?

              Thursday, 13-Jan-11 11:14:15 AEDT from at 28°48'48"S 153°16'38"E
              1. Matthew Davidson mjd

                @cdbragg Afraid I'll be on socialising duty. In-laws, sister & family in town tomorrow.

                Thursday, 13-Jan-11 11:19:23 AEDT from web at 30°17'7"S 153°7'52"E
                1. cdbragg cdbragg

                  @mjd even more reason to get out!!

                  Thursday, 13-Jan-11 11:24:44 AEDT from at 28°48'48"S 153°16'38"E
                2. Peter pvs

                  @mjd so is almatech not a good place to meet for tomorrow mornings session?

                  Thursday, 13-Jan-11 13:56:28 AEDT from web
                  1. Matthew Davidson mjd

                    @pvs It's okay as long as we can keep to under a couple of hours, which turns out to be harder than one might think. !writers

                    Thursday, 13-Jan-11 14:31:58 AEDT from web at 30°17'7"S 153°7'52"E
                  2. Matthew Davidson mjd

                    @pvs Do you know if Tony's coming, or is he already vanishing into the shadows like a cine-ninja? !writers

                    Thursday, 13-Jan-11 14:34:38 AEDT from web at 30°17'7"S 153°7'52"E
                    1. Peter pvs

                      @mjd I think he's more like obi-wan, you'll always hear his voice "use the screengloss young writer"

                      Thursday, 13-Jan-11 15:12:06 AEDT from adium
              2. Peter pvs

                @cdbragg @tregeagle I also lack a boat

                Thursday, 13-Jan-11 11:20:26 AEDT from web
            2. cdbragg cdbragg

              @tregeagle "I want an iPhone"

              Thursday, 13-Jan-11 13:49:44 AEDT from omb
            3. cdbragg cdbragg

              @tregeagle can you give me a link to the economist podcast?

              Thursday, 13-Jan-11 13:53:25 AEDT from omb
              1. Matthew Davidson mjd


                Thursday, 13-Jan-11 14:22:24 AEDT from web at 30°17'7"S 153°7'52"E