1. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Flat battery; my stupid fault. Anybody in # or # got jumper leads (& a car)? @tregeagle @panda @pvs

    about 10 months ago from web
    1. ruben h tregeagle

      @mjd sorry I'm in Bello for a few days. My house is currently uninhabitable. Also Jay has my jumper leads.

      about 10 months ago from mustard at 30°22'59"S 153°5'59"E
      1. Matthew Davidson mjd

        @tregeagle I'll scrounge off Jay then; I've no pride. My house is uninhabitable too, but that's because of the neighbours. Looking forward to sitting in the driveway revving my engine. Payback time.

        about 10 months ago from web
    2. Peter Anderson panda

      @mjd Nope, no jumper leads sorry... If you find some though I can let you connect them to my car :)

      about 10 months ago from