1. Peter Anderson panda

    @mjd !ClubLinux on tonight?

    Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 09:31:33 AEDT from
    1. Matthew Davidson mjd

      @panda We just lost Bobby this morning, so I'm not going anywhere for a while. @tregeagle and @bushturkey seemed keen, so don't let my absence put you off. !ClubLinux #

      Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 14:31:13 AEDT from web
      1. tregeagle tregeagle

        @mjd sorry to hear the sad news. Hugs to #

        Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 16:18:41 AEDT from at 30°21'52"S 153°6'5"E
      2. cdbragg cdbragg

        @mjd Lots of heart coming your way. I know how significant # are to a happy # Very sad to hear.

        Thursday, 30-Jan-14 07:51:10 AEDT from mustard
    2. Paul Templeton bushturkey

      @panda, @tregeagle Lets call it quits today for !ClubLinux

      Tuesday, 28-Jan-14 16:33:42 AEDT from web