1. ruben h tregeagle

    Looks like my vote is swinging it.... !clublinux

    Wednesday, 08-Jan-14 20:23:14 AEDT from web
    1. Matthew Davidson mjd

      @tregeagle Why not Thursday? # Bowlo happy hour on Thursday. Mind you, I never could get the hang of Thursdays. #

      Wednesday, 08-Jan-14 20:32:35 AEDT from web
      1. tregeagle tregeagle

        @mjd well it could be Thursday but after 8pm. I'm raffling prawns in the main street with the fireys. #

        Wednesday, 08-Jan-14 23:09:47 AEDT from at 30°21'52"S 153°6'5"E
    2. Matthew Davidson mjd

      @tregeagle The # # Society should put on a production of the new play by the late Samuel Beckett: Waiting for Session 1.

      Wednesday, 08-Jan-14 20:35:34 AEDT from web
    3. Matthew Davidson mjd

      @tregeagle I understand @bushturkey could regale us with jolly tales of life on the high seas.

      Wednesday, 08-Jan-14 20:57:13 AEDT from web
    4. Matthew Davidson mjd

      @tregeagle It's looking like a landslide. The cliche holds true. Misery does love company.

      Wednesday, 08-Jan-14 21:11:42 AEDT from web