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  1. Temporary Marjolein mk

    Installing Ubuntu MATE on Tine (the new laptop)... !linux

    about 13 minutes ago from
  2. Coffs Coast Advocate coffsadvocate

    One, two, catch Pikachu

    about an hour ago from tricklepost
  3. strypey strypey

    Recorded webinar; 'Open Source Licensing, by Lawyers for Lawyers' featuring Jennifer Dumas, VC of legal for Chef:

    about 5 hours ago from
  4. strypey strypey

    @bob imaging watching a video news segment from the POV of the reporter investigating the story

    about 5 hours ago from
  5. strypey strypey

    @bob imagine doing Agile morning standup meetings where your team are in different countries but it's like you're all in the same room!

    about 5 hours ago from
  6. luke luke

    @ghostdancer I didn't see a download link?

    about 5 hours ago from
  7. strypey strypey

    @bob both are great for different use cases. I used a painting program with an HTC Vive at the local uni. Clumsy, yes a bit, but mindblowing

    about 5 hours ago from
  8. strypey strypey

    !listening to 'Adventure stories' album by !kiwi artist Grusome: # # # #

    about 5 hours ago from
  9. Free Software Foundation fsf

    FSF Job Opportunity: Senior GNU/Linux Systems Administrator # # #

    about 6 hours ago from
  10. strypey strypey

    Is there an interface design equivalent of the Summer of Code? Where volunteers can improve user experience of free code, end-user apps?

    about 7 hours ago from
  11. luke luke

    @solariiknight  enforcing helmet use by legislation isn't the way as it discourages cycling.

    about 7 hours ago from
  12. Temporary Marjolein mk

    Gradually beginning to feel a little better now that I've started on my anti-hayfever tablets again. But the bump on my head is plaguing me, preventing good sleep and giving me a headache.

    about 7 hours ago from
  13. Temporary Marjolein mk

    @solariiknight another factor: what *kind* of biking are you doing? If you have a speed bike or race bike and actually ride fast, you have a higher chance of falling and of a more serious injury when you do fall, than when you use a city bike simply for trans

    about 7 hours ago from
  14. luke luke Radio adaptation of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

    about 8 hours ago from
  15. strypey strypey

    free code meta-search engine # has DuckDuckGo style !bangs it seems:

    about 8 hours ago from
  16. strypey strypey

    @bob curly # question; is it possible to move a private event from one of my channels to anther without publishing it?

    about 8 hours ago from
  17. strypey strypey

    adding my first event on # ; has views for day, month, year; one-click to share; import/ output of calendars (will test later)

    about 8 hours ago from
  18. strypey strypey

    @bobjonkman @lnxw37 # (server-side meta-search with P2P aspirations) seems to be an orphaned project sadly:

    about 9 hours ago from
  19. Matthew Davidson mjd

    My baby sister w/ hubby and kids have been in town the last few days; the branch of the family I actually like. Cannot get over being called "Uncle Matthew".

    about 9 hours ago from web
  20. Matthew Davidson mjd

    Peter Davison is such a dear. #

    about 10 hours ago from web

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